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Ya Wanna Croak!


Use a QR Reader to hear my message!

I love having brilliant friends! Today I must give credit to an amazing teacher, Karla Tyler, of Nixa Schools. She recently shared with me how she used the app Croak It and a QR Code generator to create a sweet Mother’s Day gift this year. She had her students record a message to their moms using Croak It. Then she made qr codes with the links from Croak It. She printed the QR codes and put them in clear, plastic key chains to give to Moms on Mother’s Day. Then, moms could scan the QR code to hear the sweet messages from their own children.  Isn’t that brilliant! Well, Karla’s idea got me thinking of all the ways we could use this same process to share student thoughts and learning. Here is a quick list of ideas:

  • Students introduce themselves the first days of school. Post the QR codes around the room and students try and match the introduction with the students in the class. Great getting to know you activity.
  • Share news with parents.
  • Make various recordings/qr codes for places or important people around your school. Take kids on a tour of the building the first day and use the QR Codes to give information about each location or special person at the school.
  • Use this with book intros to get students excited about different books in your class library.
  • Use to explain the answer to math problems.
  • Use to review homework.
  • Use to preview content for social studies or science units.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY… HAVE STUDENTS CREATE THEIR OWN for THEIR LEARNING! I stress this because it is so important to get students actively involved in their own learning.

I have created step by step guides to using the Croak It app and the QR Code Generator website. I hope this is helpful. I especially hope my friends from the National K session find this useful! Thanks, Karla for sharing your wonderful idea!

CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD the STEP BY STEP GUIDES if you are on a mobile device. 

If you are on a computer, you can download the step by step guides directly from the documents below.

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  1. Vocaroo also has an option to save the recording as a QR code on their website. Makes it easy for me to incorporate the computers for some to do the same style thing as those on my devices! So fun to have them hear their own voice from a QR code! Great way to have kids practice a speech or reading a book at home AND submitting the QR code to me as their digital homework!

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