Gain access to Lori’s freebie library!

Gain access to Lori’s freebie library!

What It's Like to Work with Lori

Dr. Lori is an energetic presenter and skilled practitioner.

Dr. Lori is available to present consult coach in several areas!

Project Based Learning Anywhere!

How can we effectively provide student choice to empower students and continue to meet our curriculum standards? Project Based Learning is the answer! Whether you are teaching face-to-face, hybrid, or virtually… PBL is possible! Explore successful PBL units. Discover the difference between Project Based Learning and traditional projects. Learn how to plan, implement, manage and assess PBL units by using Lori’s simple, step-by-step approach. Leave equipped with the tools and strategies to help you put PBL into action!

• Discover the key elements of true Project Based Learning.
• Identify the reasons for providing choice and authentic learning to differentiate instruction.
• Understand the practical, step-by-step approach to implementing Project Based Learning.
• Learn how to plan, implement, assess, and manage PBL units.

Power Up Your PBL: Project Based Learning & Technology

Take learning to the next level with Project Based Learning and technology tools! Discover the difference between projects and true PBL. Learn the simple steps to implementing a PBL unit. You will leave with authentic project ideas and strategies. Move your learners from just engagement to empowerment with Project Based Learning.

Making Learning Stick: Student Engagement Strategies
Looking for ways to grab students’ attention and keep it during your lessons? Join Lori for practical, effective, and fun engagement strategies for your instruction. Discover tips and tools to make the learning stick! Learn how to integrate hands-on experiences, games, tech tools, and activities to enhance learning and engage learners.
• Making Learning Stick: Top 5 Principles of Great Instruction
• Tech Tools that Teach!
• Games & Activities for Teaching and Enriching Content

Tips and Tools for Engaging Students in Authentic Technology Integration
Are you looking for some simple, but effective ways to use technology tools more effectively in your instruction? Lori will share her top 5 teaching tips for engaging students and differentiating instruction with the best and brightest technology tools available. Her practical approach to technology integration will fill your teacher toolbox with take and use ideas and easy to use technology tools.

Relationships, Routines, & Strategies for Success in Hybrid/Blended Learning
Looking for ways to build a positive classroom community in your online instruction? Are you struggling with how to plan lessons and establish routines in this new way of teaching? Lori is here for you! Learn how to connect with students and parents to create a positive community. Discover how to organize and plan for hybrid/blended learning using Lori’s step-by-step approach. Gather lots of practical and effective strategies, tools, and ideas for a successful online teaching/learning experience!
• Virtual Learning Best Practices
• Building a Positive Online Classroom Community
• Social Emotional Learning
• Planning for Hybrid/Blended Learning
• Tools, Tips, and Lesson Ideas for Teaching Your Content!

Adventures in Technology: Creating Amazing Learning Experiences with Favorite Tech Tools
Pump up the learning in your classroom with fun and engaging technology adventures. From FlipHunts to Escape Rooms and more, discover how to get students active and moving with favorite tech tools. You will leave with ready to use activities and a strategies to develop your own technology adventures!

Thinking In and Out of the Box: Critical Thinking Strategies, Activities, & More
What is critical thinking and how do we teach it in the classroom? Join Lori for a fun and engaging journey to discover the power of critical thinking. Explore activities, games, technology tools, and strategies that will naturally fit into your already full instructional day. Discover the importance of teaching students to think critically in and out of the classroom!

New Teacher Boot Camp: Everything You Need to Know to Survive & Thrive
Get ready to face the challenges—and joys—of being a new teacher! In this intensive, but fun, full-day session, discover how to build a positive classroom environment and effectively manage your students. Equip yourself with the very best instructional strategies to engage your students across the curriculum. Explore simple and easy ways to set up and organize your classroom and daily routines. Lori also outlines how to think and act as a professional while interacting and communicating with parents, administrators, and colleagues.

Deepening Differentiated Instruction with Technology
Discover practical and powerful tips and technology tools for differentiating instruction. Lori will share strategies and high-quality technology tools to assist you with the following:
• Understanding the Needs of Students
• Pre-assessment
• High Quality Lessons
• Scaffolding Instruction & Providing Choice
• Formative Assessment

Comprehension & Fluency: Let’s Go Deeper!
Discover simple, but powerful strategies to help your students gain a deeper understanding of text. Find out how a good reader becomes fluent and processes information. Fill your toolbox with ready to use activities, highly engaging book titles, student-friendly tech tools, and more!

Reading & Our Changing World: Digital Literacy Strategies for Today’s Students
Our world is constantly changing because of technology. How do we help students navigate the storm of information facing them daily on social media and websites? How do we approach comprehension instruction with digital texts? Join Lori for a realistic view of current challenges facing teachers and students because of social media and other digital texts. Discover practical, and effective strategies to help students deepen comprehension and think critically about information.

Getting the Most from Your Writers’ Workshop
Get a whole lot more from your Writers’ Workshop! Lori takes you through the developmental stages of writing and shows you how to structure the three parts of a Writers’ Workshop. You’ll learn management tips for keeping things running smoothly and discover how the Writers’ Workshop aligns with the standards.

Get in the Game!: A Winning Game Plan for Instructional Coaching
Are you new to instructional coaching? Are you looking strategies to help you become a more effective instructional leader? Grab your clipboard and whistle and join Lori for a motivating session designed with you in mind. From understanding adult learning theory and relationship building to developing a coaching cycle, you will gain useful tips and strategies to enhance your coaching experience. Learn how to manage the many roles of a coach and useful organization ideas to keep you from feeling overwhelmed. It is time to get in the game and win!

To name a few:
• Design Thinking/STEM/STEAM
• Writer’s Workshop
• Writing Across the Curriculum
• Comprehension
• Reading Across the Curriculum
• Independent Reading
• Social Emotional Learning
• Student Engagement Strategies

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