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Resources for NASA Summer Academy

If you are teaching Summer School this year, here are some Space related sites that might be helpful. May the Force be with You!
Many of the resources mentioned were found on, a great blog.

Fraboom: This is a really neat site with lots to do. This is an online museum with games, videos, etc. I am linking you directly to a Planets cartoon in the TV section.

Moon Zoo: Learn about craters and features of the moon

NASA Home and City: Find out how the things we learn in space impact our daily lives.

Solar System Scope: View the Solar System in a new way

NASA 50th Anniversary Site: Excellent resource for understanding the history of NASA with all kinds of interactive parts to the site

NASA for students and Teachers: All kinds of news and resources to use

Kids Astronomy: Very simple look at the solar system

NASA for Kids: Be a Martian citizen, rock the world, and plan a trip to Mars.. just to name a few things

Space Place: Lots of games

Space PowerPoints

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