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Real Life Tech: Pics

Probably my favorite thing about my iPad/iPhone is taking pictures and sharing them easily with others. It usually works without a glitch, but in the last week or so I ran into a bit of a dilemma I had to solve. My wonderful husband and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary in June. I used the app PhotoPhrase to create this little gem (seen below) to send to Tim since I was out of town on our special day.  Clever idea, right? I thought so.
(There is a Photo Phrase game also, so make sure to type the PhotoPhrase as one word when searching.)

So, I got ready to zip this onto Instagram and what a deal, Lucille… the picture was too wide to fit into the Instagram template. No matter how I tried to resize, words were lost or things cut out of the picture. Time to tinker! I tried various apps and strategies but the easiest was this handy little app called Whitagram. I opened the photo in the app and it created a border around it so it nicely fit into Instagram. Another app that did a similar job is called Squaready. So, when your pictures don’t quite work in their current size, use one of these apps to make it fit! By the way, Instagram just updated the app so that if you are taking a picture or video you can take it landscape view.
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The story continues… the day of my anniversary, I was sharing ideas with my friends in Owensboro, KY and the fabulous administrator and  friend, Lori Whitehouse, shared with me the coolest app to add words to your pictures called TypeDrawing. As soon as she showed me what it did I was hooked.You literally drag your finger around the picture and the words show up in that design! Too fun! Here are some examples of how you can add some pizazz to your pictures. Thanks, Lori for another great idea!


Finally, I came across the app TypicPro as another option for making regular photos look smashing! You can add different fonts, colors, and design elements to make your favorite pictures more glamorous!
(This comes as an iPhone app, so don’t panic if you don’t see it as an iPad app.)

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