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QR Just Gets Better

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are nothing new. I’ve written several posts and lessons here on the blog about QR codes and I was starting to get a little bored with the same ole thing. But just when I was yawning, I found a couple new ways to use QR codes and now I am pumped! Hope you will be too. 

1) QR Code Generator: As I tweeted in the last few days, my new favorite QR code maker is the QR Code Generator. This is a free website that helps you make your own QR codes. It is so easy to use and you can make a QR code for a message, url, contact, phone number, or even text message. So I LOVE the QR code for a message. What a great way to share a thought, directions, or fun with students! I also love using the QR Code Generator on the iPad because when you make the code you just tap and hold on the generated QR code and add to the camera roll. Super Easy!
2) As I was strolling through Richard Byrne’s blog Free Technology for Teachers, I found the next 2 gems. The first is brilliant. In fact someone yesterday asked me about making QR Codes for pdf files. Here’s the answer- Tag My Doc. Now I would like to say that Tag My Doc is free, but sadly there is a fee. However, you can try it out for 14 days for free! The deal is you can create a QR code that let’s those that scan the code immediately download a PDF file you want to share. How great is that! I am so going to use this for my training handouts. Love it!
3) Last, but not least… This is QR Voice. This free website lets you record a message (100 characters) and then creates a QR code that can be scanned to listen to the message. Try out the one I made. Isn’t that a hoot! Click on the little microphone and talk. Make sure to speak slow and clear! The words will appear in the box next to mic. If it is correct click on the blue icon next to mic to get the QR Code. Then copy and paste or save QR code to your pics to use wherever you need it. To make a new one you will need to refresh the page to the original QR Voice address. 

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  1. I've been crazy about QR codes and so have my students. But just recently I've been I traduced to Aurasma app. I think you need to look into it. I can't wait for a new school year to begin to start using it.

  2. I just started playing with Aurasma in the last week. It is pretty great. I am trying lots of things out and planning some lessons. Can't wait to share what I come up with! Thanks for the comment! Let me know what you decide to do with the app also!

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