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My PBL Life

Life is about projects! Whether we are planning a vacation, creating a budget, renovating the kitchen, or organizing closets… we are constantly moving from one project to the next. Often, we are juggling many projects at once. As you know, I love Project Based Learning. I have found it to be an effective way to engage and empower students.

As we moved into the new year, I started thinking about the various projects I attempted, completed, and failed last year. I wondered how many challenges I tackled and wished I would have documented them in some way. Then it hit me! 2021 was to be the year when I would focus on my own PBL Life!

I don’t want to ever forget the way it feels to be a student and learn new things. So, I am committing myself to writing about all the projects I face during the next 12 months. Some will be small and have a short learning curve, others will be challenging and I am certain will include lots of fails, but through them all I will reflect on the lessons learned.

I am excited about the adventure ahead and will be chatting about some projects I have already completed in the first weeks of 2021. I hope you will join me and share your PBL life too. I will be using #PBLanywhere on Twitter and Instagram as I post new projects. I would love to see your successes and maybe not-so successful attempts also!

Let’s live our best PBL Lives in 2021!

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Best part about #PBL?
It can happen anywhere.

Keeping students engaged in distance learning is exhausting.
#PBLanywhere is here to help!

Grab your step-by-step guide:

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Thank you to all the NH administrators that joined me today for our #PBLanywhere discussion! What a fun way to present!
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