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Flat Stanley

Travel the world and never leave your classroom. I know many of you use Flat Stanley for a literature/geography unit. Here are some resources you might like:

Flat Stanley: The Original Project– I especially like the templates on this site and the iPhone app.

Flat Stanley The Books: Notice Stanley has a new look. Great teacher resources and Gallery. Very colorful and Disney Adventures is a partner on the site, so it is kid friendly.

Flat Stanley-Kids: This is the kid section of the site listed above.

Flat Stanley’s Hollywood Adventure: Such a cute video created by a 2nd grade class. Great way to integrate technology and literacy.

Flat Stanley and Paleontology: This is pretty neat from University of California. Flat Stanley visits their Museum of Paleontology and finds fossils, etc.

Flat Stanley Visits NASA: Stanley gets to tour NASA. Great pics.

Flat Stanley Visits New Mexico

Flat Stanley in Phoenix: He explores Native American artifacts.

Flat Stanley Adventures: Stanley’s Visits over several years.

Flat Stanley and Google Earth: Find directions how to make Flat Stanley a placemark and then you can place Stanley on Google Earth to show the students. Scroll down to the Flat Stanley lesson.

Flat Stanley Classroom Experience: This is a nice blog entry to see what another class is doing with Flat Stanley.

Google Earth and Flat Stanley Classroom in NY: This is a great example of how to use Google Earth and placemark where Flat Stanley has been. Click on See Where Flat Stanley Has Been in Google Earth. This will open in Google Earth. You can click zoom in and out and click on each Stanley in the US already marked.

Video: Great Slideshow of Flat Stanley and Celebrities

Video: Flat Stanley in Puerto Rico– Great music and in Spanish.

Video: Flat Stanley in Hawaii

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