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End of the Year Projects Using Technology

1. Create memory books or alphabet books using Mixbook. You can share the online version for free or have books made for low cost. Great examples on the site.
2. Get on You Tube: Make a movie using your digital camera, a Flip video, or a camcorder. Have students plan, write a script, rehearse, film, and upload to You Tube.
3. Online Posters for units of study or memories. Glogster is a fun online tool to help students show what they know.
4. Webpage for final unit of study. Use Weebly or PB Wiki to have your students create their own webpage/wiki to demonstrate their knowledge of a topic. It could be used for a year in review also. Both are free and easy to use.
5. Photo Story: Create photo slideshows with narration, music, and text. This is an easy one to use, just need to have it loaded on your computer. Be glad to help you with this.
6. Have students narrate a PowerPoint. With the simple plug in of a microphone, PPTs can come alive. Watch the video and I will show you how to do it.
7. Webquests are perfect end of the year experiences. A webquest provides everything you need to have your students be involved in a hands-on, project based experience. You can find them for any subject area, grade level, or topic. You can make copies or use your Smart Board if you don’t have access to many computers. Search these sites for webquests:
Bernie Dodge
8. Be part of an online project. A terrific one involving geography opened registration April 1. Places We Will Go Online projects are wonderful because our students can interact with students all over the country.

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