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Easter Basket QR Hunt

We have a few days until Easter. I thought it might be fun to mix together several skills and tech tools to prepare a Reading Lesson you can use this week. Here’s the deal, Lucille!

  • You can use the FlipSnack Version of the lesson or look below and use my Dropbox link to download the PDF version.
  • This lesson combines word clouds, QR codes, and informational text.
  • If you are not able to use QR codes, see the Links I have below to go along with the clues.
  • The idea of the lesson is to have students figure out what things are in the Easter basket. There are 5 goodies in the basket. For each item, a word cloud is provided. This can be used for students to make predictions and build their background knowledge.
  • After evaluating the word cloud, the next step is to check their predictions by either using the QR code provided to visit the website selected, or use the links below.
  • Once students are at the website, there is a simple set of questions or directions to go with each site. This provides them with the purpose for reading. Students will complete the task for each item and confirm their predictions.
  • Students will continue for all 5 clues.
  • The final page provides the answers for all the goodies that are in the basket.

So, why in the world would we do this? Well, with the focus on Informational Text in the Common Core this provides practice reading for specific purposes. Also, this is like an egg hunt because students are searching for new information. Finally, this lesson provides immediate feedback to students and you with some simple assessment results.

Any bumps in the road… Well, I need to let my iPad users know about 2 small things. When you get to clue #2, the Jelly Belly Virtual Tour, unfortunately on the iPad it won’t work. Of course it is Flash, so project that site on your screen or interactive whiteboard for students to view. It is really neat because it shows the steps to making jelly beans in short video clips. The other thing is with clue #4. This is a virtual egg decorating site by Paas Egg Dye. There is a free app for the same activity, so you will want to load this on your iPads before the students begin the hunt. They will have fun decorating their digital eggs and making a basket full of colorful creations.

Last thing, this is totally up for changes. Take what you want and leave what is lame. You won’t hurt my feelings at all. If you don’t need or want any of the pages, throw them out or change it up to meet your needs. I just wanted to do some of the digging and preparing for you. Happy Easter!
Please share your results, pics, and fun with me. I would love to see and hear what you did with this simple framework.

Get the PDF copy of the Easter Basket Hunt Here! 

Links for the Lesson
#1: Peeps
#2: Jelly Beans
#3: Chocolate Bunny Facts
#4: Easter Eggs
#5: Peter Rabbit

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