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Confessions of the Accidental Techie

I think it is absolutely fantastic that each one of us is completely unique with our very own quirks and silliness. I hope we always embrace our differences and find joy in the little things that make us special. I’ve got issues. I’m not kidding. Check out some of my deepest, darkest confessions as The Accidental Techie.

  1. I love books and magazines the old school way. I still buy the kind made of paper and I am proud of it! I like carrying them around, folding down the corner of the pages to mark my spot, and the way they look stacked on my nightstand. Sorry Kindle, Nook, and iPad… I’m just not that into you. 
  2. I am the world’s worst updater of new versions. Every time my kids look at my iPhone or iPad they cringe. It drives them absolutely batty that I don’t update things as soon as I am notified of the newest improvements. I may have 75 updates to do on my apps, but buddy don’t try and keep milk or salad dressing in my fridge past the expiration date. I’m a freak about dates on food. 
  3. I spend way too much time on Pinterest. The results of this sickness have been weight gain due to the many recipes I have tried and the hosting of numerous shindigs just to show off my Pinteresty decorations. I will have to say that sometimes as I look at certain pictures that have been pinned by hundreds of us, I think.. “Really?” Either “Why is that such a big deal?” or “Why in the world would you spend all that time making that when I can get it at Target for $3?” Whatever floats your boat, or pins your board, I guess.
  4. I am not constantly connected to my phone. That may surprise you, but I don’t check my phone every few seconds. I leave it in my purse for hours at a time. I put it on the counter in my kitchen and forget about it until I am lonesome for someone to come home and chat with me. I always have it on silent/vibrate because I detest the sound of a phone ringing. My family says I am sound sensitive. I think I am easily annoyed. 
  5. I still watch tv on a real television. Yep. I’m still all about watching Friends, Andy Griffith, and the Big Bang Theory. I am totally fascinated with shows like 48 Hours and Dateline. I know I could watch these on my many devices, but I still like to stare at a box and click a remote.

I think that about does it for now. I’ll save the rest of my weirdness for another time. Feel free to share your confessions with me. I would love to hear them!

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  1. Love your confessions…because I'm a lot like you:) Magazine pages folded, away from my phone for hours–it's all me. And I'm proud of it. Thanks for your blog and insights. I enjoy it all. Have a great rest of the weekend.

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