Gain access to Lori’s freebie library!

Gain access to Lori’s freebie library!

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Project-Based Learning Anywhere

At the heart of veteran educator Lori Elliott’s passion for project-based learning is the belief that the more students can actually “live” the content or concept, the more deeply they’ll learn the ideas and, in turn, love learning. PBL fosters the real-world skills our students need to thrive in the world outside the classroom.

And the best part about PBL? It can happen anywhere. As virtual and distance learning step into the spotlight, teachers need more innovative ways to keep students engaged. Tapping into her twenty-five years of experience, Elliott explores PBL’s many benefits and empowers educators who might feel daunted by the prospect of introducing it into their teaching.

This accessible book offers practical strategies to implement PBL, including step-by-step instructions for envisioning, overseeing, and evaluating PBL instructional units. Whether you’re a new teacher who’s curious to learn more about project-based learning or a longtime educator looking to make your units even more amazing, this book is your go-to toolkit.

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