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I’m Still Here

“Good times and bum times, I’ve seen them all and, dear, I’m still here.” (I’m Still Here by Stephen Sondheim) Hello, January. Whether I like

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Ms. Frizzle Wannabe

I was honored to be a guest writer for Dave Burgess Consulting’s blog recently. I hope this walk down memory lane reflecting on my favorite,

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Sunday Seven

Last week I was honored to be the guest contributor for the Sunday Seven newsletter by Dave Burgess Consulting Books Inc. I had a great

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My PBL Life

Life is about projects! Whether we are planning a vacation, creating a budget, renovating the kitchen, or organizing closets… we are constantly moving from one

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PBL Must Haves

Why is PBL the hot ticket right now? We see Project Based Learning all over social media. Everyone seems to be throwing the term around

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