Top 5 Things from Tuesday

My Top 5 Things I learned about on Tuesday! 1) ScreenLeap: You can share your computer screen with other devices like iPads for 2 hours a day for FREE! 2) InfuseLearning: Get your audience or students involved in your presentation/lesson with this free interactive tool. I am using this tomorrow! 3) Cocoon Grid It: Nifty […]

Get the Picture!

Pinterest and Twitter and Instagram, oh my! In the last year, my love of pictures has collided with social media. I can’t get enough of finding ideas and keeping up with folks using these favorite apps. I’ve had an Instagram account for over a year now and just get a kick out of seeing what […]

ISTE Take Away!

It was quite the week in San Antonio at the ISTE conference. I really had a blast this year! Loved the location of the conference and met so many great people along the way. If I had to boil it all down to what I will take away from the experience I guess I would […]


Two things I rarely get to do any more due to how I keep busy these days are 1) attend a conference as a learner and 2) get to hang out with a pal at a conference. Well, I got to do both this year at ISTE! I attended lots of sessions and I got […]