My Holiday Sweater

Tired of doing the Elf thing… try this one. Create your own holiday sweater, ugly as you want, load a pic of your favorite person and send! So much fun and a great way to get students writing! My Holiday Sweater

Online Scientific Calculator

High school teachers will appreciate this find… an online Scientific Calculator. You can embed it into your blog or website also! Calculator Thanks to Free Technology for Teachers blog for this resource idea.

Polar Express Time!

Polar Express is a favorite of students and teachers. Use the official website to enhance your reading of the book. Keep clicking on various things in each section to explore! Polar Express

Football and Science

Teach science and math concepts using football as the topic. NBC Learning has created videos that illustrate scientific principles. Last winter, they created some for the Olympics and students really enjoyed them. This makes learning real. Visit NBC Learn to see the videos. NBC Learn with Football