Gain access to Lori’s freebie library!

Gain access to Lori’s freebie library!

Winter Wonderland Project: December-Valentine’s Day

Here is another great online project you may want to consider for the winter. This one is open to K-3rd Grades. It starts in December and goes through Valentine’s Day with activities throughout the project. Registration is now open. This is a wonderful way to make the long winter enjoyable and learning intensive. Winter Wonderland […]

Holiday Card Exchange Online Project Registration Open

Projects by Jen has opened registration for the 2010 Holiday Card Exchange Project. This is a great time to become part of an online collaboration. Your students will love the experience and learn a lot. Register now! Holiday Card Exchange

Skype in the Classroom

Skype has become a valuable tool in the classroom. Now, Skype is opening a new site for teachers to connect with other teachers and Skype. The site opens in December, but pre-register now to connect with other educators! This is an exciting opportunity for all of us to bring the world to our students. Skype […]