Gain access to Lori’s freebie library!

Gain access to Lori’s freebie library!

Waiting for Superman

If you haven’t heard about Waiting for Superman, the new documentary about education… you might want to take a look at the trailer and do a little reading online. It seems educators are under attack. Oprah focused on this idea in her new season also. If you believe the hype… all schools are failing and […]

Fall Fun

Explain the changing of the leaves with this USA Today interactive: Fall Colors Learn about the Seasons through Science: Harcourt Seasons Why leaves turn color in Kid Friendly Terms: EEK Weather Channel Fall Foliage Map Fall Colors 2010 by US Forest Service

MeMoov and Pigeon Presents

Make a cartoon using Memoov. Choose your background and add your characters and dialogue. Students can use it to share information and you can use it to make an animated lesson hook! Are you a Mo Willem fan? Do you know the Pigeon Books? I was reminded of these fun books today as I read […]

Donors Choose: NIXA Projects

We have several teachers listed on Donors Choose with their projects. Show your support by passing along the Donors Choose site to parents and community members who would be willing to donate to support the great projects listed.

One Week Left to Vote

We have one week left to vote for our Nixa projects and other favorite projects on Limeades for Learning. Please visit Limeades for Learning and support our Nixa teachers!