Gain access to Lori’s freebie library!

Gain access to Lori’s freebie library!

Picture Yourself at the Inauguration

Photo Bucket is showing official photos of the Inauguration. Those in attendance can also upload their own photos. They will eventually take all the pictures and create an official photo book. Lots of images for your students to view and ponder.

Technology Training Opportunities

We are having a blast at the Tech trainings this month. Here is an update for the upcoming weeks.Friday, January 23: Inman Tech in 20 at 1:40Topic: 10 Cool Things to do with Your Smart Board Wednesday, January 29: Main Street Tech in 20 at 7:00 a.m.Topic: 10 Amazing Websites to Use with your Students […]

Maps, Maps, Maps

Google Maps provides excellent tools to show locations and distances. If you are working with map skills, you will want to check out this site with over 100 ideas for using online mapping tools. I especially like this Google Earth Trip about the Life of President Obama. 100 Ideas for Map Lessons Pres. Obama Earth […]

Inauguration History

Inauguration Day was memorable. Need to expand or enrich the understanding of your students about the Inauguration process? Check out this resource free as a download with reading activities. 2009 Presidential Inauguration Lap Book by Curriclick. This site also has many other teacher resources you can download either for free or low cost.