Great New Search Engine/Research Tool

This one is a winner! It is a new search engine for teachers and students. It is a safe and unique way of researching a topic. You not only find sites but get to view the sites before you click on them. You can also search images. Wow! I am impressed with this one. Middlespot: […]

Get Wild!

Using Where the Wild Things Are? Studying animals? Build Your Wild Self is a fun site for creating funny animal creations. It would be great for writing ideas. Students could create an animal and then write about their new wild animals. Fun for this crazy time of the year.

Into The Book: Reading Strategies/Lessons

Into the Book is an amazing tool for teaching the thinking strategies for reading. It is interactive and eye catching. You can use the teacher side for lessons and tutorials. The student side provides practice. It is a must to check out! Into the Book:


( Great site for early elementary students: Childtopia. It provides games, stories and listening/comprehension activities. Great graphics and it talks!