ChaCha: More than Just a Dance

Need answers fast? Want to make use of those cell phones floating into your classroom? Check out ChaCha. It is a way to ask questions and get answers quickly from real people. Faster than searching the internet.

Glogster and Education

I knew when I found Glogster, I was on to a true treasure. Other teachers agree. Check out the newest addition to Glogster.. You will find valuable ways to use Glogster in your classroom and student samples like the one below. Let me know how your Glogs are going and I will add them […]

Primary Access: Make History Come Alive

Your students will enjoy this digital storytelling online resource. They can make movies based on historical figures and events. The terrific thing is that teachers create assignments, choose images for students and provide the step-by-step they need to be successful. This online tool saves time because students aren’t looking for sources. This process involves research, […]