Smart Board Helps

What is a SmartBoard? How is it different from an overhead projector or just using my white board? A Smart Board is an interactive board that is touch sensitive. It is connected to your computer and a projector. It is different from the other devices because you can save your work, view videos, and use […]

Tips about Airliners

What is an Airliner? An airliner is a wireless slate that allows you to teach from anywhere in your room. You have a mouse, pad, and a special pen to click or write on the images projected on your screen or SmartBoard. What if I don’t have a SmartBoard? You don’t have to have a […]

Race to the White House Resources

Election Day is just around the corner. Need some resources to tackle this important event? Today’s links are all about Elections and Election Process. Lesson Plans Secondary Teachers PBS Lesson Plans for Vote 2008: Do Something Site designed for teens: Lesson Plans (scroll down a bit): Lesson Plans Elementary Teachers Lesson Plans: […]