Election Day Learning!

Presidential election in United States of America. The hand of woman putting her vote in the ballot box. American flag on background.

We are within just a few weeks of casting our votes for the next President of the United States. It has been a long campaign journey, but we are almost to the finish line. As we prepare for Election Day, you may be needing some resources to help students better understand our election process and the role of the President. Whether you are taking part in a mock election, looking for a way to create your own version of an election, or just needing a few books to read along the way… Here are some of my favorite resources:

Picture Books… Yes!

For our youngest learners, use Splat the Cat for President to take a quick and simple look at elections.


My Teacher for President is one of my favorite picture books to use for elections. It not only helps students understand the election process, but also the important roles/responsibilities of the president!


Vote for Me by Ben Clanton is a new one for my election unit collection, but it is perfect for the heated election we have witnessed this year. Both the donkey and elephant want to win. They argue, sling mud, and eventually learn a lesson. Check it out if you haven’t used this one before.


Everyone loves Grace! What a fun look at this topic!


My ALL TIME FAVORITE election book has to be The Kid Who Ran for President by Dan Gutman! I have been reading this delightful chapter book with classes for years! It truly has been the best way to help my upper elementary students understand everything from the branches of government to political parties to the inauguration! Absolute fave for kids and teachers!


Online Resources

Super Duper Election Fun!


Want an alternative to traditional mock elections? I have put together a fun way to experience the road to the White House by having students elect a Super Hero as President! At this point, we may all be wishing Superman was available. LOL

Seriously, this unit provides you with everything you need to take your students from nomination of candidates, to primaries, campaigning, election day, and the inauguration. Along the way the students will also learn about the roles and responsibilities of the President and I have provided everything you need for some super learning about our political system. I hope you like it!

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