Summer Stuff

This summer is quite different for me. Usually I kick off the summer with a trip to the beach to relax and unwind. Not this year! I hit the ground running in June and have hardly stopped to take a breath. Here are a few reasons why summer is keeping me hopping.1) Catching Up with Friends at WorkshopsIt has been so much fun to visit with great friends at different [...]

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Love These!

Summer Time is the perfect time to check out new tech tools! We are more relaxed and have time to just play with some great apps/webtools for the classroom. I have some real winners for you today!Shadow Puppet EDU: I've been sharing with you about the app Shadow Puppet since Christmas! I have loved using it with students to create videos. Just this week Shadow Puppet premiered the new Education [...]

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Newest Appleseeds Post

Here's my latest post for SDE's Appleseeds Blog:Finding the balance between using technology and being unplugged has become a real challenge. We benefit so much from having tools to help us learn, create, curate, and communicate, sometimes it is easy to get distracted by our resources and miss the very best moments of life. Let me explain.If my family had a mantra, it just might be, “Let’s Hit the Road!” [...]

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New SDE Blog: Appleseeds!

Now that it is summer, I hope you will have time to relax and catch up on some reading! Need a new blog to check out? Visit SDE's new blog called Appleseeds! The great thing about this blog is it has posts from lots of different people. You will find posts by familiar folks like myself, Laureen Reynolds, Ricky Mikelman, Jim Grant, etc.Here is one of my recent posts from [...]

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Updated Apps & New Stuff

Keeping your apps updated can be a real challenge, but it can be worth the hassle! With the latest updates of some of my favorites comes exciting new possibilities in the classroom.Pic Collage Adds Video! You can make your collages even more engaging with adding a You Tube video that goes along with the theme of your photo collage. This is so much fun! Now when you click on the [...]

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Faux Chalkboards & Big Prints

On Saturday we celebrated our daughter's upcoming graduation. It was a sweet day with lots of friends and family. Ashlyn and I spent many hours stalking Pinterest for decoration ideas because she didn't want any graduation hats or high school colors.Instead, we chose a green/white color scheme to go along with the college she will attend in the fall, Roosevelt University in Chicago. Along the way I found some things [...]

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Photo Books for a Great Price

 In March my husband and myself along with our good friends, Shari & Randy,  took a group of 11 students to Gulf Shores, Alabama on a senior trip for Spring Break. We had the absolute best week! I haven't laughed that much in years. We've watched these kids grow up and it was a joy to travel with them and spend time together. It was important to me to share updates [...]

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NYC & Google Apps

This past weekend I had the absolute pleasure of spending Saturday with the most fun and energetic teachers at the Brooklyn College Academy in Brooklyn, New York. They were not only outstanding educators, but the friendliest and most helpful group ever! Thank you, thank you, Brooklyn friends for everything!Another extra-special treat was to take my daughter, Ashlyn with me for a quick Mom/Daughter weekend in the Big Apple! While we [...]

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