Thankful for Teachers!

This week is one of my favorites of the year! I absolutely love Thanksgiving. I don’t know how Thanksgiving works at your house, but at this house, the Elliotts relax and recharge! We spend these few days eating sinfully fattening Southern favorites like cornbread dressing, macaroni and cheese, and pecan pie. We play games, watch movies, laugh, and nap! Most important to our Thanksgiving rituals is the time we spend [...]

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Planning PBL: Putting the Pieces Together

When is the last time you put together a zillion piece jigsaw puzzle? Was it a beautiful landscape or something silly like a cat wearing a ridiculous hat? I love putting puzzles together and the challenge of making everything fit. There is a genuine sense of accomplishment as the poster-sized image of the New York skyline magically comes together. This is probably why I tend to have my masterpiece occupy [...]

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Project Based Learning 101

Project Based Learning seems to be the ticket these days. Everywhere you look, it appears teachers are at least curious about this approach. So, why now? Why is everyone talking about this PBL thing all of a sudden? I am tickled pink that folks are realizing the value of Project Based Learning once again, but it is not a new concept. Educational reformer, John Dewey, stated in 1915, “Give pupils [...]

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Project Based Learning: Pondering the Past

I love days like today! Cool, a bit drizzly, and signs of fall staring in my window. I have been waiting for just such a day so that I can return to something I really enjoy… blogging. Some of you have just about given up on me. Thanks for your patience. To be honest, I have been waiting to get back in the game until I felt I had something [...]

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Election Day Learning!

We are within just a few weeks of casting our votes for the next President of the United States. It has been a long campaign journey, but we are almost to the finish line. As we prepare for Election Day, you may be needing some resources to help students better understand our election process and the role of the President. Whether you are taking part in a mock election, looking [...]

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New eBook: Lori’s Latest Tech Tools

I know you are absolutely crazy busy getting ready for the start of the new school year! It is so exciting, yet so exhausting! Figuring out which websites/webtools/apps/tech resources to use for the year may seem too overwhelming to tackle right now. Let me make your life a little easier! I sat down recently and put together an ebook to help you this year with technology. I selected 20 of [...]

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SDE: Vegas 2016!

We had an amazing time in Las Vegas in July at SDE's National Conferences! It was such a pleasure to meet so many passionate educators! A big thanks to all that attended my sessions. I had a wonderful time sharing ideas with you! I hope you will visit my site often for updates and new resources. I have lots of exciting projects in the works for you! As [...]

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SDE: Chicago 2016

I had a wonderful week in Chicago at SDE's Reading, Writing, & More National Conference! Thank you to all of you that joined me in my sessions. What a fun and absolutely delightful experience sharing ideas with you. Here are the Symbaloo webmixes for each of the sessions so you can easily access all the technology resources we discussed. I hope you find the links useful! Just click on each [...]

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Apps You Gotta Have!

Back to School means new apps to try! I have some fabulous finds for you! Storest: Playing with money could not be more fun when your students use Storest. There are two parts to the app. Part One, your students can use the grocery cart to shop and determine the correct payment for their items. Hold on to your hats for Part Two! I love the cash register part of [...]

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New Picture Books

I love finding new things to use in the classroom. On my latest trip to the bookstore, I found four awesome picture books that seem just perfect for back to school. Hope you like them also!I Will Never Get a Star on Mrs. Benson's Blackboard by Jennifer K. MannYou are going to love Rose, the sweet little star of this book. All she wants is to get a little validation [...]

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